Support the Right to Arm Bears!

This first NFT avatar project specific to shooting enthusiasts.

Welcome to the Armed Bears

Armed Bears is a first of its kind 10,000 NFT collection created for people who support the right to bear arms. Firearm enthusiasts, Second Amendment supporters, FPS gamers, and NFT collectors alike are all welcome to take part in this novel project.

  • Whitelist Mint: Date & Pricing TBD
  • Public Mint: Date & Pricing TBD
  • Aftermarket on OpenSea
  • Join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter to become part of the community.

The Bears

We’ve created enough distinct features to ensure that each bear is unique with varying levels of rarity.

There will be male and female bears, grizzly bears, black bears, polar bears, and different skin tones. Some have baseball caps, some have gray hair, and some have ponytails.

There are bears with baggy eyes, shooting glasses, laser eyes, and eyeliner. There are bears sporting tank tops, flannels, and tattoos. The list goes on.

Then we arm the bears. There are bears carrying AR-15s, AK-47s, Glock 9mms, hunting rifles, revolvers, shotguns, flintlocks, and more.

The Project

Armed Bears is the first Second Amendment NFT community where members gain access to our Armed Bear Den where business partners offer exclusive discounts and giveaways to holders. 

Early minters will have even more opportunities to win different product giveaways from the Team and business partners.

The project will launch on the Polygon (MATIC) network.

These Armed Bear NFT utility tokens allow holders to get:

  • Access to future blockchain “ammo drops” to equip their bears
  • Entered into giveaways for a chance to win a variety of awesome shooting and outdoor gear
  • Access to quality gear and equipment from reputable businesses at reduced prices
  • Invitation to a 2023 SHOT Show meetup
  • Membership in project that will support the work of groups defending the right to bear arms

Our Partners

The following businesses have partnered with us to offer promotional giveaways or discount codes to  Armed Bear NFT holders.

Trail Map

The Armed Bears NFT project is following this bear trail.

Phase 1

  • Build the Team
  • Determine Bear Traits
  • Creation of Art Assets
  • Creation of Smart Contract
  • Website Build
  • Launch of Discord Channel

Phase 2

  • Build External Partnerships – ongoing
  • Open Whitelist
  • Armed Bear NFT Gifting to Influencers and Partners

Phase 3

  • Whitelist Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Immediate Access to Partner Discounts
  • Meta Munitions Ammo Drop

Phase 4

  • SHOT Show 2023 Meetup in Las Vegas
  • Support to Firearms Education Organizations

Future Possibilities

Being the first of its kind, Armed Bears will facilitate a strong community. Future project possibilities include additional airdrops, metaverse meetups, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Armed Bears?

Most of today’s animal-themed NFT project just don’t make sense. Why a random panda or penguin collection?

Armed bears make sense! They signify support for the right to arm bears.

Who is this project for?

Unlike many other NFT projects that just throw up 10,000 digital images as art, Armed Bears' audience is very targeted. They are a reflection of an existing community - firearm enthusiasts.

There are millions of gun owners and countless gun collectors. These people look for ways that reflect their passion. Armed Bears fill that purpose in the burgeoning NFT and Web 3.0 space. NFT collectors and shooters alike can benefit from joining the project early.

How much will the bears cost?

Armed Bears will launch with an initial mint of 0.0223 ETH. This is “caliber pricing,” meaning the bears will be priced in one of the most popular shooting calibers of all - the .223 round.

All Armed Bears will be minted and sold on our website and then loaded to OpenSea for the secondary market.

How do I pay for a bear?

Armed Bears can be be purchased using MetaMask. Visit this link to set up your own MetaMask account.

What about Ethereum gas fees?

ArmedBears will utilize the Polygon Network for MetaMask to cut gas fees by 99%. Visit this article on how to add a Polygon wallet to your MetaMask account.

The Team

Derrick James is a crypto enthusiast and life-long gun owner. In the search for an NFT avatar that reflects an interest in hobby shooting, he found nothing. “Armed Bears” soon came to mind and this project began to take shape.

Derrick is the founder of Prepper Press and SHTF Blog. In that capacity, he has written and published many articles relating to firearms and the Second Amendment. His business has also published various firearms books from different authors, including the Survival Guns series, The Evolution of the Black Rifle, Arming for the Apocalypse, and more.

Jessica Riley has served in many roles as a leader of software developments and technology.

She sees the NFT market as an exciting opportunity on multiple levels because we are only in the early stages. The opportunity to be involved on the ground floor is a dream come true.

Dirge P.I. is a stage name, because that’s just how he rolls.

He has 20+ years of coding experience. The art of problem solving is his finest development quality.

He loves the Hawaiian life, especially hanging out and running on the beach.